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  • Hello,

    i'm new here and thinking about switching from UNITY. UNITY is a great engine, but it takes more time than i have to develop games. I have a wonderful family and not much time to develop games, but game development has always a special place in my heart.

    Therefore, it should be mentioned that I am a supporter for a monthly subscription (for a higher price of course. Maybe 15$?)

    I my actual question:

    I have read somewhere that i can open my project after my subscription ends.

    Can I get a few more details about that?

    Can I just keep working on my project if I extend my subscription?

    Can I view all my work(events)during the subscription end?

  • You can open projects after your subscription expires, however you won't be able to edit them if they make use of subscription only features (like "native" JavaScript) or exceed the free edition event limit (which I think is 50 events).

    It effectively puts large or free projects into read only mode until you renew your subscription

  • Yep Elliott is right. Just a side note, if you've got published games out in the wild you do not need a subscription to keep selling and distributing them, just if you want to make edits to the game or republish it for any reason.

  • You imagine that you want to edit a small project but for this you must pay a one-year subscription.

    There is no monthly option.

    Scirra consider the monthly or quarterly option.

  • We're experimenting in a few countries with monthly plans (the experiments are running quite well). We're just being cautious before rolling it out to other countries as it does impact our cash flow and there are a few other considerations we need to be cautious about.

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  • Thanks for the explanations. That sounds good.

    For me, it will probably only be a matter of time before I jump in. :)

    I'll play around with the engine first.

    I did not consider an important thing.


    You can work from *any* device on your game anywhere. That is a really big plus and also a reason for annual subscription. Nevertheless, I would be curious about the subscription models.

  • The monthly or quarterly subscription will push me to make the leap, I will have to consider ...

  • It's worth noting that it's unlikely that a monthly price will simply be annual sub/12 - it'll certainly be cheaper, but I imagine if it's value for money you're after, an annual sub will get more time for your money

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