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  • Well, I'll go with my own positive vibe then!

    I'm no expert in making video games, I even have some difficulties to finish any projects for some personal reasons, but I can say one thing : Everytime I see any news about Construct I become enthusiastic, everytime I get in the editor, I have this feeling that I can make something nice. To me, that's Construct exclusive.

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    > P.s. add a new blog occasionally (personal interest ones)



    I will always remember yawning submarine. Never forget how I nearly died of laughter at the square bee, never will I forget...

    Tom was it really lost in moving the server years ago?

    Sry had to ask! I need more laughter to boost positive vibes

  • They are in my cupboard somewhere, unfortunately the site is lost! It's been an ambition of mine to start it up again eventually

  • Actualy im hoping that the release is out ASAP.. kkkk

    My game quasar i need to do it on c3.

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  • Being a new member i must say this forum gives extra knowledge then others. I glad i found this.

  • I have to add my two cents, ... It's very impressive how your small team has been able to jump on so many bug fixes and do quick releases of C3 for us to test. I absolutely love C3 and can't wait to get ahold of the full version. The subscription model is annoying, but I see it as a positive for ensuring continued development of the C3. This is extremely exciting.

  • ++ to positive vibes <3

    i'm still plugging away in C2 now, waiting for the gamejam week so I can import my large project to stress test it a bit. Keep up the great work!

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