Another Poor Performance on Android thread.

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  • Completely unrelated. Hey skymen , interested to know whats your 'Affiliate' tag all about?

    Artpunk Made a lot of Construct tutorials, got affiliated basically.

    Also, tbh, I've been looking into actually making a TWA for my game, because indeed, Chrome on Android seems to have much better performance than a Cordova APK (at least back in the days when I tested)

    However, it also seems like a simple Android webview that opens my website also has good enough performance. Not sure what this is all about not gonna lie :/...

    Also making a TWA seems to be extremely simple so it's definitely a good plan IMO as long as you don't need monetization and Google Play features:

  • anybody knows at least a temporary solution for this issue? except waiting for google to update webview.

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  • I think filing issues as I described is still the right way to approach this: the more issues filed by the more users, the clearer it is to Google that it's a significant problem that ought to be prioritised. It also increases the chance one of these reports hits on a discovery that helps get to the bottom of the problem.

    Ashley as you recommended I have posted a bug report on the website. Ill follow this through and see if it leads anywhere.

  • I'd point out that, much like with our own bug reports, it will be much easier for the issue to be dealt with if you can share a public demo. A bug report may be handed off between multiple developers and teams before it's even assigned to someone - that works smoothly with public details, but if it's private, that process can become slow and complicated.

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