Poor event sheet editor performance

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  • The problem is browser layout performance. I already described it in some detail in those earlier linked issues and pointed out some related Chrome bugs that have been filed, so I won't repeat all that here.

    Collapsed events/groups don't do layout for their children - so if you tend to keep most things collapsed and only expand the content you're working on, it should be faster. Additionally spreading content across different event sheets will also help. In the longer term, most browser vendors (including Google) are currently in the process of completely rewriting their layout engines to be faster, more powerful and more flexible. I think this will do a lot to help once they start shipping the various parts of that. Keep an eye on LayoutNG for updates on Chrome's side.

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  • Just to follow. As I said I would.

    On surface pro 4 I5 8GB integrated gfx

    to cut a long story short as it looks like it is accepted and yes I have confirmed above.

    YES, 1000+ real events with actions fully expanded on one sheet causes lag of maybe .5 seconds opening events and maybe up to 1 second when moving bits of the editor.

    however collapsing them and only expanding and opening events per group then there is no lag.

    so it seems to be about expanded events.

    But, not to lecture anyone, but IMO 1000+ events is an insane amount of events to have un-grouped or on one 1 sheet un-grouped just from an organisational point of view. It must make it near impossible to navigate your project code efficiently.

    anyway regardless, from what Ashley said it looks like things will be getting even snappier with future updates of chrome so cool.

    (man I am so doing anything to avoid going back to my project from after Christmas.... need to get that discipline back)

  • Nice to hear it will be improved in the future on Chrome's part.

    I have to mention though, I tested this with the default theme and noticed there was significantly less lag/slowdown, so the Dark Theme does in fact cause a hit in performance.

    Ashley A while back I suggested a dark theme with no stylistic alterations. I love the default theme but cannot use it because it's too bright. Considering the performance implications and other annoyances in the current dark/light themes, do you think this will be an option in the future? I have a paid offer for this as well but no one is willing to accept because the existing themes are closed-source and they don't want to do it from scratch.

  • I'd just like to show my support and interest for such a theme. The default theme is very clean and easy to read, and i can work quite fast using it but it kills my eyes. I'm stuck reluctantly using the dark theme but its not clear at all. Even the default theme with a dark grey instead of the white areas would be an improvement.

  • mOOnpunk Take a moment to upvote the feature suggestion and add any issues I didn't list if you haven't already.

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