Poor editor performance when there are lots of images in the project

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  • There are a few sprites in my project with lots of animations and frames. The images in frames are very small, but there are over 6000 of them.

    The project size is not too big - around 10MB. But because of the huge number of files in the Images folder, it takes a long time to open the project, to save it, or to launch preview for the first time after opening.

    Is there any solution? I wish there was an option to save images in spritesheets.


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  • What you're describing makes sense to me. Loading 6000+ images when the project is first opened and then the first time it's previewed will put a fair amount of load on most PCs. Bear in mind that the first time you preview your project, Construct builds spritesheets in the same way it would do so for export. That process only needs to happen once per session, unless you change your spritesheet size in which case it needs to rebuild them.

    A few things worth doing, if you're not already:

    1) Make sure you're working with a project folder, not a project file.

    2) Add your entire project folder to your anti-virus program's whitelist.

    3) Pause or disable cloud syncing if you have it (OneDrive in particular occasionally kills file read/write performance).

    4) Use the desktop version of C3. I've found it runs a little faster in general.

    5) If you have the option, move your project folder to an SSD.

  • GeoffB Great advice about the folder project, thanks! Saving as a folder is almost instant! Opening is also faster. I should have guessed that it's adding and extracting files from zip that takes most time.

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