Player Lands on Corner of Tile then Shoots forward Bug Problem?

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  • I'm working on an endless runner where the platforms are generated from a tile.

    When the player is jumping he moves forward (Towards Right) to offset pace of tile movement (Towards Left).

    For some reason when ever the player lands on the tile's Left corner he shoots forward to the Right corner of the tile. Sometimes even shoots through walls of tiles too if they are in the way. The tiles are set to solid. I can't find anywhere in my code that would trigger this event. It seems to have randomly started doing this today too without having changed any code. I only swapped out a place holder sprite I made in construct for a new sprite I uploaded.

    I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Anyone know why?


  • Well you may have answered your own question, the imported sprite could have a different collision polygon shape to the previous sprite you used. If it's not this I don't see how anyone could guess the cause of this problem, would need to check out the project file.

  • Thanks, I went in and changed the collision polygon to a square. It got better, but still slides through solid walls once in a while. I'm wondering if that's a bug. It seems weird that the shape of the polygon would act as a power boost that shoots the player from one edge of the platform to the other in 1 tick.

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  • Did you make sure the platforms are aligned correctly? Use a grid and make sure they lock in place to avoid any weird physics stuff happening.

  • I think they are. They are generated from a 100x100 tile that as they come into view from the left side of the screen moving to the right side, it creates a random size platform from that one tile. So I'm not really sure how they could be anymore aligned since it's technically one solid piece. That part of the game came from the endless runner template and is the only part that I kept in place from that template. Do you think I should file a bug report?

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