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  • Facebook has informed me that it's not on their end. It appears to be a Construct 3 issue. Ashley

    I am doing some thorough testing today on how to potentially resolve this. I'll post any findings here.

    This feels similar to the "blank screen preview" issue a while back.

  • thank a lot facecjf, hope this issue can resolve soon

  • Object.defineProperties(element, {
     'src': {
     get() {
     set(value) {
     if (proto === HTMLImageElement.prototype || proto === HTMLMediaElement.prototype) {
     if (hasValidProtocolForPlayable(value)) {
     return, value)
     else {
     // If it's not a valid protocol then just set an empty
     // string as a src to avoid unnecessary observer calls
     return, '')
     } else if (proto === HTMLScriptElement.prototype) {
     if (needsToBeBlacklisted(value, scriptElt.type)) {
     scriptElt.type = 'javascript/blocked'
     return, value)
     'type': {
     set(value) {
     if (proto === HTMLScriptElement.prototype) {
     // If a third-party code tries to set the type, but the source is blacklisted then prevent.
     needsToBeBlacklisted(element.src, element.type) ?
     'javascript/blocked' :
     } else {
     return, value)

    As Ashley has pointed out this error "scriptElt" is in fact a FB error. That said, (taking a shot in the dark here) it seems C3's JS gets blacklisted for some reason.

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  • Tested all the way back to when facebook playable ad export was added. R134

    I get the same black screen result.

  • Yes, this is definitely a FB error, please report it to them. The code from facecjf proves it (that's Facebook's code) and is consistent with what I previously said (scriptElt is not from Construct's code).

  • Thanks Ashley I have a technical call with them today or Monday.

    It is odd that it is only affecting Construct playables. In any event I will report back here when I get some answers.

  • I would guess the Construct engine is doing something like creating a script to a blob: URL, which Facebook incorrectly blocks thinking it's unsafe (but it is safe).

    I'm not sure where you got that code from, but the key function appears to be needsToBeBlacklisted, but its definition is not included. If you can find the code for that it should help identify the cause.

  • That's what I was thinking - A false positive. I pulled the code from the console error and then followed the script that threw the error. I appreciate the effort! I'll bring this up to FB when I speak with the tech team.

    Thanks again, Ashley

  • facecjf

    Any update?

    We still waiting for this to working with playable ads.

    Thank you.

  • Yeah...

    Only playable ads made using C3 have this problem.


    As I said before, the problem is in Facebook's code, you need to report it to them and follow up with them.

  • mickeyboy I have an open dialog with Facebook engineers. Will report back when I hear something.

    In the mean time - I have to agree with Ashley on this - Report it to facebook. It is in fact a facebook issue. Check the console for errors and report them to facebook. The more people pointing out an issue - the more likely it will be resolved.

  • Any update guys? Still having issues.




  • As I have repeatedly emphasised, this needs to be taken up with Facebook, not us.

  • +1 to what Ashley said. This is NOT a Construct issue. Also, report it to facebook.

  • Reported to facebook and this is under investigation.



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