Any plans for multiplayer improvements?

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  • Thanks for the reply oosyrag. What you said makes sense, but I also wanted to set conditions on the processing of the event. I ended up using Photon cloud (allows for the host to process its own event messages). The Multiplayer feature of my game works great using photon...with the added benefit of being able to use custom room properties to save basic game state in a single location, without relying on a host peer.

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  • Any chance that a feature can be added to "Send to peer" that instructs the host to process messages from itself (via loopback). Something like a check box on the "Send to peer" event that says "Process host originated messages to itself".

    Unless I'm missing something obvious...this causes a lot of redundant code between Peer and Host event groups that could be addressed in a common group if the host could be told to process it's own messages.

    Again...apologies if I'm missing something obvious.

    Not sure what you're trying to do.

    But i guess this suggestions could possibly solve your problem?!

    Has been one of the most popular suggestions since over 2 years, but scirra still doesn't bother.

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