Pinning Issues

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  • one more thing I will add is that if you pin everything to the same base object (panel), you don't have to calculate an offset from the panel for each sub item getting pinned.

    set the button to where you want on the panel and pin the button to the panel,

    then position the text to the button, but pin it to the panel instead of the button.

    you position everything just as you have been - you just have to be sure you have the correct panel picked if there is more than one.

  • What the hell? This sounds like a bug in the Pin behavior.

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  • Ashley

  • Behaviors are ticked in a certain order, and making a chain of pins creates a dependency on the order of ticking.

    It's best to avoid chains of pins, or position with events in that case.

  • Ashley

    But why does the order the objects were added to the project matter? And even weirder, why does the order they were added to a Subfolder matter?

  • The order objects are ticked has to be in some order, which means it has to depend on something. Currently I'd call it an undefined order, meaning you shouldn't rely on any particular ordering at all... but as it happens the engine probably currently relies on the order in the project bar, which is affected by subfolders.

  • Even though there is an order, the movement lag shouldn't happen. That's still a bug isn't it?

  • No, at the moment it is precisely what I described previously.

    Ultimately to properly fix this there needs to be a dynamic order that is aware of the hierarchy of pinning, which is essentially a scene graph. That would be a major overhaul of the current architecture of Construct though. There is an existing suggestion for it too.

  • Okay. If I'm reading the suggestion correctly, basically it means that if a an object is pinned to another pinned object then it should automatically pin to the root (parent/root object) automatically in engine code.(?)

    Even if that's not the suggestion, that sounds like it would work. It would basically automate the workaround we have to currently do manually .


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