Petition to bring HTML5/Construct Support to the Switch

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  • I can agree that 90% of the games in Arcade are garbage.

    Scirra have just hired a new web developer, who will rebuild/upgrade the functionality of the arcade. So hopefully they can just delete some of all crap

    It would be good idea to have a "premium" section, with only games rated higher then 4,5 stars or something, or classified as "quality"-game by some scirra admin

    That's great news. I really look forward to it.

    Plus, I think it'll be excellent if Scirra can arrange a premium section that works on both mobile and PC (Obviously the creators should make something that works on both platforms for that). And it can also help Scirra to have its own unique platform with a large fanbase, people would keep coming back if the quality of the games is great.

  • Kirk Scott, Nintendo of America representative for indie games took note of my latest tweet: ... 4588678145

    So please sign the petition, write in to Nintendo, retweet and spread the word. Let's do what we can to show Nintendo that we want this.

    And i think it would be good for Scirra and/or Ashley , Tom or your business manager to get in touch with Mr. Scott <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

  • Awesome signed! i think is something that would change the future of game development, and not only for C2 or Nintendo but every other platform that will adopt if this goes well.

  • Just wanted to say thanks again to everybody, we're at 200 signatures now

  • I'd shoot for 1000.. 200 is a drop in the bucket when speaking to nintendo, I would think.

  • Yeah well i mean there's only so much time i can invest in this so always happy for others to spread the word

  • Great job, Signed

  • Signed. This would be so good!

  • Wow i didn't check it for a few days but we're at 296 now :O Almost 300

  • Nintendo is accepting pitches to improve the Nintendo switch experience. Maybe this will help towards getting html5/construct support on the switch!

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  • Very cool, thanks for posting! I think Scirra/ Ashley should definitely state their case as a technology company, when the pitching sessions start. We're at almost 500 signatures on the petition ^^

  • Signed, fingers crossed Nintendo gets on board with this.

  • Signed

  • Anyone who tried the "HTML5 support" on Wii U quickly learned it's not actually the same as just porting Chrome over to a console.

    It was more like Internet Explorer on a console, with all the performance issues you can imagine that being.

    If Nintendo is to do this, they need to do it properly with full access given to the browser to interact with the device, which means probably also only for people who are allowed to access the SDK's and buy a dev kit.

    Otherwise, it's just not going to be able to function well on the hardware powering the Switch.

  • I got in touch and received this response:

    Hi Derik,

    There are no current plans for doing something similar to Nintendo Web Framework for the Switch. We do however support Unity, MonoGame and Unreal.



    Other developers are saying that it is because of HTML5, open loopholes for homebrews.

    They are only accepting games made by companies (the name Indie is only in the word).

    I hope they make a browser safe as fast as possible. While there is no HTML5 games.

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