Performance issues with iOS 15

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  • With the release of iOS 15 I have realised that there are some weird issues with the performance of my published apps. Issues like dissapearing backgrounds and no sound when some events are triggered are common. This has never been a problem before iOS 15. This is still occuring with the new version of 15.1.

    I see other posts about some issues connected to iOS 15. Has anyone filed a bug report regarding this to Apple?

    I saw you Ashley filing an issue about poor WebGL performance. Is there perhaps a connection between this and the other performance bugs that are occuring? Do you have some insight in what might cause these problems otherwise?

  • I filed an issue with Apple about poor performance in some cases. It looks like they're working on fixing it.

    That issue still rendered everything correctly (if slowly), and had nothing to do with sound. So any visible rendering glitches or sound issues will be unrelated. And as ever, it's generally impossible to investigate without a bug report following all the guidelines, as we need all that information to be able to look in to it. If things previously worked on iOS 14 it's most likely iOS bugs that Apple need to fix though, so you might want to cut out the middleman and report issues directly to Apple if your apps have new issues in iOS 15.

  • Ashley Do you know if the settings in WebKit can affect our cordova ios applications?

    There are some new experimental GPU settings in ios15 which many people claim to brake their HTML5 games. These are on by default in ios15, while they were off by default earlier.

    Mainly GPU Process: Canvas Rendering and GPU Process: WebGL .

    Also I've read that the new rendering better supports small textures than large ones, so setting small texture size might be better?

    Since you are more technical mayve you have some insights, even though this of course is a Apple iOS issue and not C3. But still, I know you have some deep knowledge in the area

  • The default settings by definition aren't experimental, they're the way it works by default. Everything should work with the default settings, but if you change experimental features to something other than the defaults, it could break things. In that case it's probably not a bug and you just turned on something unfinished, hence the off-by-default experimental setting.

    If turning on an experimental feature actually fixes something, it's good evidence it's a bug in Apple's code with the default settings, and so that would need to be reported to and fixed by Apple.

  • thanks Ashley I hear what you say but they are named "Experimental features" in the OS settings. Some of them are on, some are off. By default. The settings changes in every version. If you own any ios device you can just check it out. (they are not all off by Default!)

    These two settings were off in ios 14 (if I understand correctly), but they are On in ios15, but still named 'experimental features' though.

    I understand what you say here, but in this specific occurrence it seems like Apple changed the experimental setting in v15 (to On) and it was Off in v14.

    But when users change it back to the v14 settings they got it to work again.

    That's why I just wondered if you have any insights in this. I fully understand that this is an ios/apple thing, but since I know you understand those frameworks more than at least I do maybe you could shed some light.

    Here are some discussions

  • Ashley Thanks for clarifying. And yes I am pretty sure this is related to iOS 15. But these are very weird issues which should happen for a lot of other users of C3, that's why I asked you if you perhaps know of any new common issues between iOS 15 and C3 as an engine. I am aware that it is almost impossible to answer specific questions about this without bug reports, I was thinking more generally.

    fredriksthlm Very interesting regarding the experimental features being turned on in iOS 15 compared to 14. Have you seen any change of performance in any of your own apps?

  • My ios apps started to behave very strange in ios15 sadly. crashes, lost sounds, graphical glitches etc.

    One works fine, while the other is very disfunctional. Very hard to dig into the root cause and the difference between them.

    a little better in 15.1 than in 15.0.x

  • fredriksthlm Even though I feel your pain, i'm happy i'm not alone.

    However I had no idea that there were new experimental features that were turned on by default, and even some old experimental features that were turned off by default in 15. I compared one of my iOS 14 devices with my 15 devices and just tried to mimic the settings from the 14 devices as much as possible. This actually solved my issues with the app. Now I can't manage to bug out my background and the sound will not dissapear.

    Now I will slowly enable and disable one option at a time and see what might be the root to this. Thanks for the input about experimental features!

  • I think we're splitting hairs over the name "experimental features". It doesn't matter what it's called, the point is in the context of developer flags, there are default settings, and there are non-default settings. You should expect everything to work with default settings. You should not expect everything to work with non-default settings because it might be unfinished or deprecated.

    If something is broken with default settings and changing to a non-default setting fixes it, it's strong evidence of a problem with Apple's code, and so Apple would need to fix that. The setting in question would be a useful piece of evidence to mention in a bug report to them.

  • Ashley Hello. I used 268s version and have sprite render issues, images not showed. But I try to use 241 version of c3 and issues are gone ( but! they are gone in 15.1 IOS, in 15.0.2 IOS they are still exist, but with 268s version of c3 and 15.1 IOS issues exist too, when I switch project to 241 version, they are gone) 🙃

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  • Ashley Hello. I used 268s version and have sprite render issues, images not showed. But I try to use 241 version of c3 and issues are gone ( but! they are gone in 15.1 IOS, in 15.0.2 IOS they are still exist, but with 268s version of c3 and 15.1 IOS issues exist too, when I switch project to 241 version, they are gone) 🙃

    This surely looks important. Maybe this can solve (or at least corner) the issue

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