PC browser games only 5%,should Construct change?

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  • Ashley

    I already got over it with the blame of C2/C3 being ignorant of "performance" issue and poor software decision making in it's design. There were times I felt like I'm not improving my skills in developing with C2. I really want to educate myself with what makes or breaks performances and what is the pinnacle of good optimisation within the boundaries of HTML5 using Construct. So, I also would pledge for a dedicated documentation just for that and also to shut the ideology that bottlenecks are not hardware's concern.

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  • Thats why its good to develop on a slow machine.

    +1 to this. I always try to get my hands on a slower mac, a slower PC, an old iPhone, an old Android device, and an old Chromebook for development and testing. My target audience is never gaming PCs with dedicated GPUs, so it doesn't make sense for me to develop on one. This approach has saved my bacon a bunch of times because I have caught platform-specific performance issues before releasing to the public.

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