NW.js won't run on r234

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  • My game exported and ran great on r225, but as soon as I updated to r234 I can no longer run my export. I am exporting for Win 64. I merely get a black screen. When I press F12 I am shown the following errors. If anyone can help interpret what the issue is I would truly appreciate it!

  • The offline version of Construct 3 NW.js desktop app does not work for me

    NW version -0.51

    An error occurs if you add a standard browser plugin or Nw.js to the project

    I cleaned the cache and re-installed NW but no result

  • I had similar issues today - desktop version wasn't working properly, when previewing projects they were either stuck in black screen or crashing.

    After updating to the latest NWJS SDK v0.51.0 it now seems to be working fine.

  • I just tried an NW.js export from r234 with NW.js 0.51 and it worked fine.

    As ever if you run in to trouble please file an issue following the guidelines and we'll take a look. We need all the requested information to be able to help.

  • Thanks! I needed to completely uninstall the Construct 3 desktop app and reinstall Chrome (also with a complete registry cleaning). After that, the Construct 3 desktop app started. This is of course not related to Construct 3, but something with NW ... :-)

  • Desktop version still crashes for me on bigger projects...

    Edit: and even on small projects. Tried re-installing nwjs, clearing cache etc. and no luck this time.

    Can anyone help please?

  • Hi everyone,

    Thank you so much for the fast replies and support. I am creating an educational game and needed a downloaded version for my students to try today so I resorted back to the previous version (r225) to do so.

    Ashley, I know you are always trying to help me, and I would love to be able to file a form on such occasions, but when I first started using Construct, nearly 3 years ago, I purchased multiple add-ons from the store (that have been very helpful). Over the past years I have learned how troublesome having these add-ons can be as I am not allowed to have my project looked at with them integrated into my game.

    Maybe I misunderstood, and I can have the add-ons purchased from the store, but not other add-ons? I just wish I would have known from the start if it is the case that all add-ons make it so I am not able to file bugs I run into.

    Thank you for always reaching out to me. I wanted to share my honest opinion, and I hope it helps.


    Daniel Vasi

  • I logged a bug report. If anyone having the same issues could you please leave a comment.


  • You should be aware that if you use a third-party addon, you are effectively entrusting that developer with on-going support for your project. If something breaks or needs updating, they'll need to update their addon; if they don't, your project might be broken. We can't be held responsible for other developer's addons. So you should check the addon developer is providing support and actively maintaining their addon before choosing to use it.

    I'd add that our bug report guidelines require a minimal project, in part to prove that the problem is not just a mistake in your events (which is common). So whether or not you use third-party addons in your full project should not affect whether or not you can file a bug report, since we wouldn't normally accept a bug report with your full project anyway, even if it didn't use any third-party addons.

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  • Ashley, I'm not sure who you were replying to. In the bug report that I logged I attached a project with only 4 official plugins, no addons.

    Also, you need to understand, that many developers are heavily relying on 3rd party addons in their projects. I am not saying that you should have tested them all of course. But it would be nice if you'd given us a heads up that many addons will stop working with the new release. I lost almost the entire day trying to find why all my projects are crashing.

  • Ashley, I totally understand what you are saying. I would not think of holding you responsible for other's add-ons. I am just letting you know, that as a new developer I feel as though I received very mixed signals when I first began to utilize Construct. On one hand, I was shown these add-ons in the store that made me feel as though they were totally acceptable to work with, and it wasn't until later I realized the cost of that. Perhaps there could be a message that makes your stance more clearly from the get-go to people who view these add-ons in the store.

    I am in no way belittling your effort. I truly appreciate the opportunity to work with Construct. I am a veteran teacher who has played video games for nearly four decades and is trying vigorously to bring that joy into the classroom.

    Thank you for your time,


  • We notified third-party developers about the change back in November, so there's been over two months for addon developers to respond. The changes required are minimal, as noted in that thread. It should not take long for an active developer to release a small update.

    I've long worried about such maintenance issues caused by third-party addons, which is one of the reasons why when you install an addon the confirmation dialog has the following warning - emphasis added:

    Only install addons from sources you trust. Malicious addons could compromise the security or privacy of your projects. Broken addons can also cause bugs or other problems in Construct 3, including corrupting your project. Check the addon developer is actively maintaining their addon and providing support for it in case of any problems caused by the addon.

    I'm not sure what more we could reasonably do - I don't want to end up having to hold off making improvements to Construct that benefit all users, because a small number of users are using broken and abandoned addons. I don't think there are any good options really, and in some ways I would rather cause some short-term pain with the breakage if that's what it takes to make people realise this is what third-party addons can do to their project, and why they need to look for active developers who are willing to maintain their addons.

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