Noise on ipad when using positional audio

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  • Hi Guys,

    I am getting Static noises on iPad when I walk into area with "play at an object" in conjunction with "Listener Object". I don't get this problem when I run the game on PC. I am running a web version game from server.

    Pls let me know if anyone else facing same issue?


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  • Attached images for the audio code. Not sure if am doing anything wrong. I am playing 3 audio files.

  • I tried opening the Audio positioning example file on iOS (Safari browser on iPad) and I can hear the same static noise. Can someone look at this and let me know if I am missing something here ?

  • Some questions that might help:

    • Could you describe the static noise?
    • Is it entirely static instead of the audio file playing? Or is there static while the audio is playing?
    • Are you listening on the ipad's speakers or on headphones?
    • Are any devices/plugs connected that could cause interference? (e.g. I had background static in a rasperry pi because from an audio jack being too close to another wire)
    • What generation is the iPad?
  • Thanks for responding brushfe. Below my answers.

    1. The noise is like tiny cracks or tiny electric pulse (electric static noise). Not sure if that make sense sorry :(

    2. It starts with noise + audio and in a min or 2 noise takes over the actual audio in my game. But in the audio positioning example project it is always noise + audio. I have 3 different audio at objects playing in parallel in my game. Currently I am trying to use audio at position instead of audio at object to see if that makes any difference.

    3. The issue happens in headphone and iPad speakers.

    4. To avoid interference, I did the same tests on my iPhone in different rooms, also without bluetooth. Same result with noise.

    5. I am using iPad air Gen 3 and iPhone SE 2020.

  • It looks like some other users have encountered this problem.

    I'd read through this, and the comments in the C3 bug report mentioned, to see if any of the suggestions apply to your project:

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