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  • Guys Im just posting here as it looks like not to many visit the suggestions forum except maybe those posting suggestions.

    but if you vote on things there they are more likely to get implemented.

    Ive just put a couple of things in that are causing me, and maybe you, a little annoyance....

    "Please lock the Browser zoom when cursor is over a Layout View Window"

    I have lost count of the amount of times I have control + mouse wheeled when in Layout view and zoomed the browser to +-1000% or whatever because I assume i haven't clicked in the layout window first

    "Please show, or have an option to show, the bounding box of all objects in a Layout"

    I have 30 sprite objects in my layout view that have a blank first frame, or are the same colour as background or text sprite objects that have no text in them until run time but I cant see any of them in the layout. They are all hidden because I cannot see their bounding boxes. Showing collision boxes does not help in many instances and not at all for sprite font boxes.

    "Desperately need to see the brush shape and size in the sprite editor"

    This should be day 1 feature of the editor.

    I have no idea what pixels I am going to effect as I cannot see the brush

    (also drawing lags behind the cursor by one pixel please sort)

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