Mobile IAP: On Purchase Success is triggered by itself

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  • Discovered a weird thing today:

    I published a game on Google Play and was testing in-app purchases yesterday with test account. Now every time I run this game on my phone, "On Purchase Success" event is triggered by itself! Even if I clear all cache and data, even if I uninstall and re-install the app, and even if I set my phone to Airplane mode. It's still triggered.

    I don't use "Restore purchases" action anywhere.

  • That definitely sounds weird! I havent experienced that.

    What happens when you use On Purchase Success (product ID)? (ie using your specific prouct ID) rather than On 'Any' Purchase Success?

  • According to the documentation:

    So I guess on Android the non-consumable purchases are restored automatically on every app launch, and this triggers "On purchase success" event.

    Still doesn't seem right to me, because this is not a new purchase. I think it should trigger "On Product Owned" event, not "On purchase".

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  • After store has been successfully registered non-consumable products will initially show as being 'Available' before resolving to being shown as 'Owned'. When they resolve as being 'Owned' the conditions On Product OWNED are supposed to trigger. Not On Purchase Success.

    On Purchase Success should trigger after a purchase is successfully completed for both consumables and consumables.

  • Oh yeah, I can confirm 'On Any Purchase Success' triggers after 'On Product Owned' following store registration.

    I just checked that. Im testing iAPs right now so it was possible to throw in a check.

    On Any Purchase Success triggers for each non-consumable product owned.

  • It feels like a bug. Restoring an already owned product is not the same as making a purchase. This may trigger an unnecessary "thank you for your purchase" dialog, or send some wrong analytics events every time the app is launched.

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