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  • It does not regenerate when canceled while watching the rewarded ad. also gives an error.

    Works on 2nd click

    in test mode


  • I'm having a similar issue. Interstitial ads are having a hard time loading. When I'm running the app in the debugger, it shows the test interstitial every other time it's supposed to. When I run the apk installed on my phone, it shows an ad the first time and then never shows an ad again.

  • XaicasWhen you are previewing you are using Google Ads. When installed as apk you use Admob. They have nothing in common.

    If you are trying to set up Admob, those messages you show from the console has nothing to do with Admob. Just so you know.

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  • fredriksthlm Thanks for pointing that out. I had no idea. I found out that the problem I'm having only occurs using the installed apk on my phone. Based on your response I think the real problem I'm having is unrelated to that console output I shared.

    The main issue I'm having is that with the installed apk on my phone, it only shows an ad the first time I start the game. Sometimes I even have to restart my phone to get it to show an ad again.

    It might not be a huge issue though because the problem seems to be just with my phone. I've had some friends download my app from the app store and it works just fine on their phones. It would be nice to figure out why it doesn't work on mine though.

  • If you build with Android Studio you can look into the logs there while you are running your app in the simulator, to verify if Admob is giving you any errors.

    You should register your personal device as a test device in Admob console, while testing apks on your local physic device.

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