Mobile Achievements / Leaderboards plugins for C3?

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  • I must have missed the updated iAP/ad plugins bit. I've seen a few people referencing it in the forums but I don't remember seeing it mentioned in the blog posts.

  • From the blog post:

    [quote:2l20brgf]We'll also provide brand-new IAP and ad plugins for iOS and Android, as well as building and maintaining the underlying Cordova plugins ourselves. This should minimise any difficulties with configuration or third-party libraries.

  • Thank you. I reread the blog and remember seeing it now haha. Should be good!

  • Still no response to this question Ashley , Tom ?

    I see you guys answering lots of other questions about C3, why not this one?


    Just wondering if you'd also be maintaining new plugins for connecting to GooglePlay Services and Apple's GameCentre for achievements and leaderboards?

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  • While I will go with Fusion 3, I'm really curious if Scirra will be able to keep up with the demand. Since they are asking a premium price, they should offer premium services: IAP, multiple ads providers, achievements / leaderboards for the most popular platforms (iOS, Android, Kongregate, Newgrounds, Gamejolt ... etc), working Steam services ... etc.

    In my opinion, the following should not be acceptable anymore in C3: ... in_t178688


  • Definitely would like to see this in C3 as well.

  • It not just about writing new Plugins from Scratches. We need single plugin for every type of feature, Ad, IAP, Leaderboard etc.

    I am fed up of having 1000s of IF condition to use a particular feature. I am forced to mintain different versions for iOS (Game Center plugin & Admob, Cranberry IAP), Android(Google Play & Admob, Cranberry IAP) and finally Windows (Pubcenter, Offical IAP and no leaderboard!)

    This is teh issue I have brought up in my new Topic:

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