Issues with iOS sound toggle

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  • Hello.

    I've recently created multiple playable ads using construct3 and successfully exported for multiple ad networks. However, there's an issue that keeps getting our ads rejected from networks (Unity for example) - and it's related to iOS sound toggle.

    For some reason the ads completely ignore the iOS sound toggler (the device one) and keep blasting at full volume. I've tried everything without success. The only platform where this works is ironsource where they provide the "dapi" library that has the audio changed listener, but outside of that i can't seem to find any other solution (and dapi can't be used on any other network).

    I would appreciate any help


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  • I actually have the same issue 😕

    I can only imagine the anger of a user playing a game silently in bed and then an ad comes up at full volume, waking up everyone in the 15 mile radius 😬

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