iOS - How do I update an xcode project with latest exported version of game from C3?

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  • Im trying to remember how this works, and to establish an efficient workflow for developing and testing a project for iOS over time.

    So.. I export my xcode project from C3 (on Mac). Then I open it in xcode and spend some time updating things, then test it on a connected Apple device etc.

    Later, I make changes to my project in C3 and export a fresh xcode project. I think I remember its possible just to copy the 'www' folder from the new xcode project into the original xcode project? Is that the case?

    Because at this point, Ive already spent time setting up the original xcode project how I want.. and I want to avoid having to do that all again, right?

    Can someone please remind me how this works, like what are the caveats?

    -You can only do that if you havent added or removed any plugins or behaviours to your C3 project?

    -Is the 'www' folder the only folder that needs to be copied over? Are there any other files that need to be copied over too?

    -Is this the best way to set up your workflow when you are developing for iOS and doing regular updates to your C3 project and wanting to test things in xcode?



  • Slightly off topic, but just out of curiosity.. What are you changing in xcode before you build?

    (The only thing I update is the icons, but I have the icons in a separate folder and just paste it into the newly exported xcode folders, so no need to ever set it up again in xcode)

  • Yeah icons is one thing. Also each time I am changing the setting for signing to 'automatically manage signing'. And I think Ill also be needing to create a Storekit Configuration File which Ill be using to test iAPs.

  • Yea, change the signing too.

    I also need to change the view since it is always upside down when I export for xcode, that's a werid thing!

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  • So whats your workflow fredriksthlm? Every time you make edits to your game in C3, you export a new xcode project and work on that. ie you discard any previous xcode projects you were testing with? Is that right?

  • Yes, I just open the new xcode, and move the old to the trash bin :)

    And for the icons I just copy the same icons folder directly, so everything is set up.

    So the only thing I do is to set the signing thing, and change the view settings.

    It takes maybe ten seconds. So for me it works fine

  • Righto, guess Ill do it that way then.

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