iOS export get stuck on loading screen!

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  • Did you use testflight to install the game on a physical device?

    My game also gets stuck on the simulator but works great on real devices.

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  • For the record, iOS exports are working just fine for me, including in the issue filed by TechBoxNorth . Make sure you open the .xcworkspace file (as documented in the iOS publishing tutorial), and test on a real device since it doesn't work in the iOS simulator due to an iOS bug. (Note that the iOS bug is fixed for a future release of iOS, so the simulator should be working again in the next release or two of iOS.)

  • Hi All,

    First off, I am a noobe.

    Second my issue may not be an exact match to the "IoS export getting stuck .... ", but I feel there are some similarities.

    The reason I chose to make this post is this,

    - the application is built using construct 3

    - export for android builds and runs on Android emulator and real device.

    - export of the same application for iOS fails!!

    So here is my iOS story.

    Using Xcode 12, load construct iOS project xcworkspace (not xcodeproj), loads and builds with many warnings about deprecated APIs, build succeed message from Xcode in the end!

    On emulator the application starts up, I get to initial screen, click OK, sound OK, get to second screen, click with sound OK

    ... then the application "hangs" .. with loading screen prompt forever!

    On a real device (iPhone 8 with iOS 13.6),

    My application starts and goes all the way to the navigation menu (3rd screen) .. so further than emulator.

    Navigation between levels (it's a game) back and forth, settings menu, all work, normally.

    Choose to play a level and wham ..application re-starts and reloads back to initial screen.

    There are many console messages but the only error message is about missing assertions. The missing assertion messages happen long before the hanging (emulator) or re-starting (real device),.. see below..


    [assertion] Error acquiring assertion: <NSError: 0x2802e5d40; domain: RBSAssertionErrorDomain; code: 2; reason: "Client is missing required entitlement"> {

    userInfo = {

    RBSAssertionAttribute = <RBSLegacyAttribute: 0x1152098e0; requestedReason: MediaPlayback; reason: MediaPlayback; flags: PreventTaskSuspend | PreventTaskThrottleDown | WantsForegroundResourcePriority>;




    I am new to construct, Android and iOS, so probably missing something basic.

    But, from where I am right now, export from Construct 3 Xcode project for iOS 13 does not deliver a working application in iOS!! ,,, at least for my application.

    Unlike for Android which just builds and runs on emulator and real device, out of the box, no mods, no bugs.

    How come ?

    I am hoping that perhaps someone in the construct community has some ideas why.

    Many Thanks.

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