Introduction to Timelines

    Currently there seems to be a bug with restarting timelines, you can work around it as follows:

    Make an "On timeline finished" event, and in it you set the timeline time back to zero. Instead of directly restarting it, you add a Wait 0.1s and then start it. Then it works.

    I tried postponing it to after the event finished and then trigger a timeline start, but that won't work either.

    Eisenhans Thank you! Wait 0 is also working.

    I know we are waiting for the guide to be updated but in the meantime I have been messing around. Can anyone confirm that this is correct procedure...

    to add a new property track

    • I change whatever property in properties (yellow ones only)
    • then go to the marker where I want to add the fist change
    • then select "set markers"

    to update a property

    • just change the property
    • then select the marker where you want the change
    • then select "update markers"

    when I "set markers" it seems to set all the markers at that point? is there a way to just add a new property track without "setting" all the other tracks again at that point? or am I doing it all wrong?


    I tried setting some events up to loop a timeline, and my first attempt to just replay on the timeline end condition doesn't seem to work as I expected. Looks like it is bug, i'll be looking into it.


    It looks like you are doing everything ok.

    At the moment the Set Keyframes option, will always attempt to create all missing keyframes at any given position, this includes the master keyframe and any property keyframes. If there are already keyframes at the position, they will be updated with what ever is the current value.

    If you wan't to ignore some keyframes when playing a timeline, you can disable them. This is similar to deleting them, but if you use Set Keyframes again in the same position, no new keyframes will be added on top of the disabled ones.

    You can select multiple keyframes at the same time by pressing Ctrl (Cmd in Mac) as you click on them. It is also possible to make a rectangular selection to select multiple keyframes at the same time by pressing Alt while you hold the pointer down and drag the mouse.

    I hope that helps.

    Interested in trying out this wonderful timeline feature!

    I'm on the new stable, timeline is there, timeline plug-in isn't

    I imagine this was not the intention, but for me to get access the Timeline object, with the r148 stable, I still needed to go to 'Settings'->'Advanced'->'Enable Experimental Features'.

    Yeah it looks like we accidentally left that behind the experimental flag. Oops! We should have it enabled in the next release...

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    I imagine this was not the intention, but for me to get access the Timeline object, with the r148 stable, I still needed to go to 'Settings'->'Advanced'->'Enable Experimental Features'.

    Thank you. I thought I was going crazy..


    Somewhere in my TODO list there is the item "Further Event Sheet Integration", particularly the possibility to set a keyframe that would trigger an action on the related instance, an "Action Keyframe" if you will. But I have no timeframe as to when I would start working on that.

    As for C3 crashing, I must have introduced that bug recently because I am pretty sure that should work, I will get around to fixing that for the next beta release.

    Great work so far on the timeline feature.

    Being able to change the animation/do an action on keyframe (such as character walking left etc) would be hugely beneficial for making cutscenes in pixel-art based games. It would really help with top-down RPGs, platformers etc.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing timelines expand in the future :)! Keep up the great work.

    This feature is now in a stable release and the documentation is now in the official manual (e.g. Timeline Bar), so unstickying and closing.

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