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  • Yes Im still around. Haven't been here for ages haven't been working on my game either tut tut (work / life etc). So Im trying to catch up with all the news and I see this video about new functions!

    Then I hear Ashley say that the new functions are "3 times faster". and get excited as my game is pretty much a big mountain of the old fashioned functions.


    when would it be worth upgrading the old functions to new format where possible to take advantage of this performance boost?

    Eg, when you say 3 times faster,....

    is that

    3 times faster to call the function?

    (in which case I might consider upgrading ones that are called very often like every tick)

    or is that

    3 times faster overall eg to call the function, execute the events and provide any returns?

    (in which case I would definitely want to upgrade most functions especially the big ones)


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  • The blog post explains what it's measuring (overhead to call a function). Each project is different and the gains depend on too many factors to be able to say what kind of benefit you'll get, which is why we recommend answering your own performance questions with measurmements. It also depends to what extent it is bottlenecked on CPU events performance (e.g. if it's bottlenecked on GPU rendering, event performance is pretty much irrelevant).

    There are tons of major performance improvements in the C3 runtime though, so there is potentially a lot to be gained.

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