High "engine" CPU usage when using families.

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  • You guys are making me nervous.

    My projects are still small and consists of not too many things happening on screen at the same time. This is increasing though and I can see that within my next project or two I'll be expanding my scope.

    Now..I would hate to keep on learning and getting more and more reliant on certain practices and then hit performance barriers.

    So far so good though, but as I said - nothing complicated with my projects. Although some biggish images that I don't know what the best way to optimize is really...but at the moment it's doing fine with performance.

    Ashley How confident are you that we will see performance increases with the C3 runtime? - just out of interest if we can indeed expect a bit of a bump.

  • There's a bug in C2 that increases stutters by a ton if you have event includes inside a group. You could check if that's the case for you.

    On NW.js and Chrome you can't get rid of the stutters completely due to bugs in Chromium. C3 can't overcome this bug either.

    The bug report has been open for 4 years so far.

    There is a way to reduce it if you use a way old version of NW.js though. Chromium 49 I think?

  • I didn't know for the C2 bug related to groups. Neither for the stutters due to Chromium. I've read topics about problems with versions of Chromium and NW but that's all. I make an intensive use of Families (can't do without for game design) and groups (the same, and debugging). Thanks for the tip, I'll try to to something with the groups. I use last version of NW.

    But that's really annoying to come across bugs with main features of C2... like polymorphism with Families. I've got two big projects and one small that I can't port, so I have to finish them with C2. But I'm decided that for further project I'll move to Unity.

  • You can use groups still. The particular issue comes if you put an "event sheet inlcude" inside a group like this:

    Normal events inside groups should be unaffected.

    There's a number of other cases that drag down perf without apparent reason too, but it could be more efficient if you shared specifics of your project in the Construct discord help section and people can take a looksie.

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  • Great post. Thanks all for sharing this info.

  • Is there any list of these cases that drag down the performance ?

  • There's a bug in C2 that increases stutters by a ton if you have event includes inside a group.

    Do you have any evidence for this? Is a bug filed? I can't think of any reason this would happen.

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