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  • Hello guys I am the dev of Greed Knights and Knights and Dungeons both made on Construct they did hits quite some popularity over 100 reviews... I am just here to say hi and ask you guys some questions regarding the future of Construct 3.

    I will be begin by saying I love this engine.... I really do! Its my favorite! All my games were made on it. For me the engine was perfect and then when they added the Date begavior dude I almost cried of so much happiness.

    Anyways quite recently tough I was wondering myself on questions to why people use GMS2 if GMS2 has way too poor GUI support while Construct 3 support for both fonts and GUI is about Perfect****

    I was wondering myself why people choose other engines and I came to the conclusion that most people choose Gamemaker because it has better performance since it exports to native code???

    I wont and cant lie tough Unity does indeed seems like a superior engine tough but its just too hard to learn.... Not beacuse of coding really but beacuse of amount of features that can make you get lost....

    I was watching some Godot tutorials tough and it looks really good.

    Anyways I was thinking to myself tough that if by any chance a couple of things happens this engine could become the number 1 world engine in seconds. I could be wrong tough.

    1. If Construct 3 adds native support and we are able to create executables.

    2. I know Construct doesnt want to create downloadable produscts because of hacks but I would begin by saying that the current login module is just perfect it could prevent a lot of shit going on.

    My suggestions: Create a good downloadable version that requires authentication. I dont think anyone would mind.

    3. If this ever comes on Steam.... Again!! I know Construct 2 was on steam in the past and maybe Construct 3 could make its way there? I mean GMS2 is on steam but you need to authenticate everytime....

    Construct 3 could probably do the same??

    Anyways guys I am just trying to help , I love this engine and I want it to triumph! yupeeee! =D

  • 1. Construct 3 can already allow you to export executables.

    2. There is already a Construct 3 beta desktop (downloadable) version : construct.net/en/forum/construct-3/general-discussion-7/construct-nw-js-desktop-app-131317

    3. Unlikely to see Construct 3 on Steam. Construct 2 on Steam was a pain in regards to maintenance, and some issues that were not existing in the standalone version crippled Steam users, because of the Steam client itself.

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  • C3 is the most used engine on itch.io. It IS already successful... GameMaker has been around literally decades longer and therefore a you'll find more stuff of it online and not everybody NEEDS the level of ease of use that Construct offers. Some people want to code traditionally, especially if they have a programming background. And yeah if you want to do 3D then of course you'll go with Unity or a similiar tool.

    And tbh if i would be a GameMaker user for the last ten years then i would be VERY weary of learning anything new vs. just making my next project because i'm simply just used to it. Not because GameMaker is inherently better but because i would already know how to use it. In the end it's about making games not endlessly deliberating on engines.

    Now Construct has its own wrappers too that allow for lightweight apps on Mac and Windows.

    As for Consoles: every Unity dev i know who released a game on console worked with a publisher who did the ports for them. I think people underestimate the enormous complexity involved with publishing to these platforms. Construct has two publishers/porting houses that i know of: Ratalaika and Chowdren. So it's not really an issue.

    In the end, it comes all down to personal preference. That's why there are 100 flavors of Pringles and not just one. Same with game engines.

    And from what i can see, Construct is growing steadily and already a pretty big player in its range. Like the GMS2 CEO once said, he doesn't see himself in competition with Unity at all because they are targeting different types of developers. And the same is true with Construct.

    So just keep using it as long as it suits your need. BTW, nobody sais you should only learn one tool. I know many people who use Construct next to stuff like Unity etc. I personally i.e. use THREE different animation apps (Toon Boom, Moho, Grease Pencil) depending on whatever job i have to do and which one is the strongest tool for that. So yeah, there's my 2 cents.

  • I was wondering myself why people choose other engines and I came to the conclusion that most people choose Gamemaker because it has better performance since it exports to native code???

    Modern JavaScript engines are exceptionally fast, and we've carefully tuned our engine for performance over several years. On my development system it can manage hundreds of thousands of on-screen sprites and still hit 30 FPS. I would think it is at least strongly competitive on performance. Who knows, maybe it's even faster? It would be interesting to see actual benchmarks. But I think Construct is fast enough for the vast majority of people who use it, and of those who have performance issues, often it's hardware limitations like GPU fillrate that won't be improved by changing software. So I'm sceptical many people would choose other software for performance reasons alone.

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