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  • Dear All,

    Lately there is so much negativity about Construct 3, I like to share my positive story.

    Last year I had two CTS operations on both hands. The right hand went fine, the left hand has complications. Because of these complications, I have very much difficulty with typing or using that hand for anything.

    Early this year I bought a Wacom Medium Comic & Touch tablet to make my programming life easier. It has an onscreen keyboard when you go to the left most side, which is a very handy feature.

    Of all the applications I tried, only Construct is the simplest to use. I can do almost anything within Construct with the tablet and the pen provided. I can do everything now with my right hand.

    The events and behaviour system Scirra developed is simply great. I cannot name any other application which I know, who has the same genious user interface.

    If you like me, having heavy constraints at one hand and want to make games, Scirra together with a good drawing tablet (does not have to be Wacom) is the place to be. On very important fact to keep in mind about the size of tablet, take your screen size into consideration. Do not buy a Large tablet for a 15.6 inch laptop screen. For most applications, a medium sized tablet is fine because it has a good convertion rate and you can take it with you wherever you go.

    You will need to adapt and use a lot of practice but believe me, the moment you start mastering your tablet and Scirra, it only gets better and soon you will be up to speed with a normal user.

    Keep up the good work Scirra!!! You are doing a great job and I hope we will see much more of you in the future.

    The future is shining again bright, not only for the Scirra team but also for people like myself.

    Thank you Scirra for giving me my future again. Hope others will find their way to Construct 2 - 3 too.

  • That's a great story and I'm glad to know there's someone out there who benefits from C2 interface!

    While this isn't necessarily exclusive to C3 this is a reason to at least stick around and continue using C2 instead of a code-only interface.

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  • It important to keep notes of the positive sides like this of C2/C3 as well. Thank you for sharing.

  • Yeah, Im kind of curious how they deal with it in C3 as C2 works ok for some touchscreen stuff, but not all.

  • Thank you all for your replies.

    It is not a touchscreen but a physical drawing tablet. It works in absolute mode and is pressure sensitive.

    You put it in front of your screen or besides depending on your personal preference. You can even set it up for right or left handed people.

    Even drawing (I am using Affinity Designer) can with one hand. You can zoom in and out by using two fingers. Also moving two fingers up or down, will scroll the window. The true power shines when you use the brush tool, then the pressure sensitivity of the pen is fully used.

    Once you get accustomized to the tablet and the pen, you work faster than with a touchpad or mouse. To move the cursor without drawing or doing anything, you just hover over the tablet surface to the place where you want to be. You can use the tablet without looking to it. It is very intuitive.

  • Thanks for the interesting post, we hope Construct 3 does meet your expectations in this regard. We'd be interested in your feedback once you get to try it.

  • When I read the blog posts, I am already looking forward for the public beta release. I like what I read, so I am sure C3 will forfill my expectations just like C2 does.

    Up until a month ago, I only made small games for our young daughter. But at the beginning of February I decided to make other games too, which I hope to sell for a small price.

    A great part of what I do in Construct is very easy to accomplish with my right hand and the tablet. Once finding your way around, everything is very logical.

    I will share my experiences with the community here.

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