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  • Hello there,

    The game display well on the mobile chrome. I have been exporting the same game (different versions) hundreds time for andorid and it always worked fine. However, in the last export it is seems that some sprite/tiledbackground get overwrite with other texture. I always used the simple minificaion and the resample image options.

    As you can see in the screenshot, the player solid sprite overwrite what the sun, and what the joystick circle suppose to be. Another time, when I exported the project some sprite textures were completely glitchy.

    How I can check if my projects has been corrupted somehow? I usually save a new file (so no overwrite) every time I do some major changes. And I never got any problem. I'm sure that this depends on the spreadsheet. Is there a way to reset all spreadsheet somehow? I have 100 of sprites with animations...


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