Will it be a good idea for me to request someone to add these commands to Construct 3 ?

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  • I had thought of having these commands being added to Construct 3,However I do not think that the commands below will be added to Construct 3 as it is possible to do most of the things in Construct 3 without these commands using the event sheet,However these commands will save a person a lot of time and hard work and so I am thinking of requesting the people of Construct's Community who know how to code to add these commands to Construct 3(By making a plugin or an addon) and if they want to even make changes to these commands below and I am also providing event sheet pseudo code for these commands which are-


    1)Loops- a)Loop until

    a1)"Extract" Found - Add Variable ("Value to search for") String

    Add Variable ("Value to be searched") String

    Add Variable ("Output") String

    Set Value-Find(Value to be searched for)-"a"(Here "a")

    New Event

    Compare two values (Value to search for=Value to be searched)

    Set Variable("Output") to ("Found")


    Compare two values ("Value to search for" does not equal to "Value to be


    Set Value("Output")-"Not Found"

    New Event

    Compare Variable("Value to be Searched")-"Found"

    New Event

    Compare Variable("Output")="Found"

    Stop loop

    a2)Letter Number(RegEx and Flags can be slightly modified to extend the scope of this command to include word number,sentence number,paragraph number etc.) - Add Variable("String")

    Add Variable("Loop Number to stop at")

    Add Variable(Boolean)-False

    Is Boolean-False

    For-"My First Loop"-0-


    Set Boolean-True

    b)Loop until end of string- Add Variable("String")

    For-"My First Loop"-0-Len(String)

    c)Replace word by (String/Variable) if(word contains ""/Variable) - Add Variable-("String")

    Add Variable-("Word to be replaced")

    Add Variable-("Word to replace the

    word to be replaced")

    Replace-(string,word to be

    replaced,word to replace word to be

    replaced with)

    d)Stop a loop if a word contains(number/variable/string) (works only for "For" Loop- Add Variable("String")

    Add Variable("Word Contains")

    Add Variable("Check whether word contains") Number

    Set Value-Check whether word contains-


    For-"My First Loop",0,Check whether word contains")

    e)Loop from(Alphabet No/Letter No,Sentence No,Whitespace No,last Whitespace no(Variable or Number) before text,Whitespace (Variable or Number) after text - Add Variable("String")

    Add Variable("Number")

    Set Value-Number-


    Index(Your Desired Number Here))

    For-"My First Loop"-0-Number



    2a)Extract First Text after whitespace number(zero based)- Add Variable ("Whitespace Number")=0

    Add Variable ("String")

    Set Variable-Whitespace Number-



    2b)For Each(Activate/Deactivate/Toggle)-a) Add Variable-("For Each Boolean")

    Is Boolean

    For-"My First Loop,1,3)

    b)[Invert]Is Boolean

    Stop Loop

    And,While these commands can be made as Functions in Construct 3,However they will contain limitations and for many cases will be hard to add and because of these reason I am requesting the people who know how to code in Construct's community to add these commands to Construct 3 and If my request is successful in this case then may be I will be able to ask Tom to add another section to the forum of Construct 3 from which the users of Construct 3 who do not know how to code will be able to post their ideas along with the necessary details and hopefully will be able to get the people who know how to code to make general purpose plugins for them in order to help the community of Construct.


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