Gamejam License Over?

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  • I was about to start deleting extraneous files from my broken project to track why C3 crashes when I try to open up one particular layout, but it said I am back to the free version.

    I'd really like to avoid paying for a subscription just to spend time figuring out a bug, then submitting the bug and waiting for it to get addressed. I just kind of assumed the beta version would be free until the actual release.

    Or is there some other problem on my end?

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  • Gamejam license was extended a further week than we originally advertised, and we said it would continue until payments were released. Payment are now out, so a subscription is required if you wish to continue your use.

  • That's true. It's just hard to motivate myself to pay money to start tracking why C3 was crashing. Feels a bit like I'm paying to be a beta tester.

    But it seems the latest release fixed whatever was happening. Thanks for the reply. I suppose it's time I pay up. Keep up the great work.

  • That's OK, you can choose to buy in a month or two when we're out of beta

  • No I got a license. Whatever was crashing C3 wasn't happening after the latest update. And I also see that you can still delete events in free mode. So even then I still could have worked towards finding the problem. And if C3 won't be out of beta for a month or two then the process is going to be a lot more gradual than I imagined.

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