Game Performance on Android sucks

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  • I'm subscribed to work on a Android project only. I avoid using third party plugins at all, just so that I can have full compatibility and avoid any weird issues, but this thread makes me worried that when I start testing APK exports, that I will encounter many problems and will need to spend a lot of time fiddling with the scripts options/Web worker options, debugging and testing why I get different results in an APK vs Chrome, etc.

    I really hope this doesn't happen, otherwise I'll be thinking "Why did I subscribe to C3 when I could have just continued using C2 which didn't have these issues when I exported APK files?".

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  • In 2020 the problem was repeated with another application and I solved it by deleting addons "even if the addon was not used in the project, it interfered with the app's performance!"

    None of the official addons should have any performance impact at all if you don't use them. If you can measure a performance overhead, please file an issue - we should be able to fix it.

    If a third-party addon has a lot of performance overhead, you'll need to contact the addon developer about it.

    I'd add that without rigorous measurements, it's easy to be completely misled by changes. For example if you change 2 things, one has a huge impact on performance, and the other has no impact at all, you can easily come to the false conclusion that both of those things improved performance, or that the wrong one improved performance. Since your post mentioned several things you did, it's not at all clear that the issue with addons you mentioned actually caused the problem. Further, even if a single addon does have some performance overhead due to a bug or something, "remove unused addons" is still not actually helpful advice: someone could remove a whole bunch of addons, but unless they remove that single offending addon, it won't make any difference. So to be useful advice, you should specify which. And if you specify which, we can investigate a potential performance problem and optimise it.

    I don't mean to pick on this poster specifically, but this kind of thing is repeatedly coming up in this thread, and often plays out across the rest of the community. Guesswork can result in poor advice, misleading conclusions, time wasted on meaningless changes, and create fear and uncertainty in the community as people say things like "but I thought unused addons had no performance impact?!" when they're probably actually right. If something really matters to performance, prove it: make two projects with a single change, make performance measurements in both, and compare the results. I would hazard a guess that of all the things people are saying here, 3 in 4 of them will make no difference at all. Measurements are the only things that matter, and you should only ever take performance advice seriously if it mentions measurements, and those measurements clearly correlate to a single change.

  • Hey indy2005 doesnt look like you are too acive on the forum on the forum at the moment but just a heads up about a recent update in C3 from beta r247.

    Did you see they made a change to frame scheduling which has had a huge improvement to the janking issue we were all experiencing on Android. Its likely you would see improved performance in your app you posted about in this thread.

    Just letting you know as you made a good effort posting and following up on it here and on the forum etc.

    See Ashley's recent statements here:

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