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  • So let's say I have 3 objects and I have 1 event sheet that contains events for all three objects and I share that event sheet with multiple layouts... If the layout only contains instances for 2 of the objects does construct still evaluate the other events for the unused object? Are there some optimization that take place? Or is this just bad practice and is better to have multiple layouts in this case?

  • This is pure speculation, but wouldn't it check against the instantiated instances in that object's array, then, finding none, move on to the next line?

    I'm assuming that this would be functionally identical to having an event that runs when an object exists, but is skipped when there are no objects of that type in the current layout.

    Assuming that I am correct, I haven't had problems where these "unrun" events incurred a substantial performance hit. Maybe a few clock ticks, but not big enough to make a perceptible difference in the game.

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  • It still runs the events, but it's very quick, since it immediately finds no instances to run then moves to the next event. You can optimise it by putting them all in a group and disabling the group, which will not even try to run the events, but that tends to be a micro-optimisation that doesn't benefit much.

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