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  • Had some further ideas in another thread, so creating a new thread to not stray too much off topic.

    Editor plugin concept

    This plugin is intended to ease up process of creating and editing things in the layout editor. Often you find yourself using a lot of dummy sprites, and other things to control certain things, but they only work in runtime.

    An edittime plugin (or several seperate useful tools in the editor category) would have some simple but useful tools that you can link to object to add further control.

    Some of these could be:

    Crosshairs, rectangles, circles, lines, splines, toggle switches, sliders, handles, arrows, indicators, description text, etc.

    These objects, which essentially is dummy objects could be dropped on to layout and connected to other objects to control, positions, variables, angles, and anything you can think of.


    I made this quick example to demonstrate a bit of how they would work in the editor. They can be used in runtime as well as regular objects, or dummy objects, but are by default not rendered, unless you choose to do so.

    In these example below, I've added 3 eddittime objects. 2 crosshairs and 1 slider. Crosshairs can be used for setting position of something, or setting the angle towards a crosshair. Sliders can be used to control for example the width of an object. The automatically hide when object is not selected, and show up when object is selected. Take a look at the example. Click the green box to drag it around, and try the handles.


    The difference berween these and other objects is that, when you control things in the layout with these, it will update the default values fo that object, and you can see and control things very easily in edit time, to quickly get a visual representation of what they do.

    This is just a concept, but I'd like to get some feedback if something like this is doable.

    The Particle objects currently in C3 has 2 red lines to visualize the spray cone. This concept could do the same, but also add controls to control the cone angle by clicking and dragging.

    Let me know if you would find something like this useful, or have any further ideas.

    Ashley Is something like that technically doable?


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