Editor crash for some projects in Chrome71

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  • This weekend I was trying to open some of my old games in C3 (made with C3), which I haven't touched for some months.

    Some of them made Chrome/C3 to instantly crash when loading. ("Oh snap, something went wrong here!" or similar in your language). This prevented the console from showing what went wrong, since it totally broke down..

    Then I tried clearing my cache and also update chrome (I was already at the latest version so no update was done). The projects still made Construct to crash when opening. (C3 is opening the game and everyting but just when it is populating the screen and the different tabs it just shuts down).

    Some other projects went fine.

    I then looked into my Chrome versions, and it seems I got chrome v71 in december. And I havent opened these games since then. So I do not know when it started to crash. back in v70 or in v71. I beleive it worked fine for me in v69 or v68 at least. (all newer projects has been fine all the time)

    Today I tried to open them on my company computer, also on Chrome v71 and the editor also crash instantly when I opened these projects. So it is not a computer specific issue)

    Now I got really sad.. :(

    But just now I opted in for the Dev channel of Chrome, so downloaded v73. Which I guess will be released in a couple of months. Now they opened just fine again! :D (such a relief!!)

    Anyone else that have seen this or experienced any similar before?

    71.0.3578.98 crashes my editor for some projects

    73.0.3673.0 is working fine again

    Official release notes and latest official version: support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/7679408

    Dev and Beta channel and bug fixes: chromereleases.googleblog.com

    Bug list: bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/list

    Always many bugs and bug fixes, so hard to know which one messed it up for me, and which one that solved it again :)

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