Editor for Boolean,RegEx,Data Conversion,Loops and Data Extraction!,(For solving many problems).

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  • Would you all like an editor in Construct 3 with these commands which I believe will make at least half of the problems whose solutions are found on the Construct forums very easy to solve -

    1)Boolean- a) wait for true,Disable event until true

    b)Increment (Number Variable)

    c)for each(Toggle set to true/Toggle set to false)

    2)Regex- a)"Extract (Alphabet,Word,Sentence,Paragraph) if variable contains("")"

    3)Data Conversion- a)Convert text to number

    b)Convert number to text

    c)Convert Date to text

    d)Convert date text to number

    4)Loops- a)Loop until

    a1)"Extract" Found

    a2)Letter Number

    a3)Word Number

    a4)Sentence Number

    a5)Paragraph Number

    b)Loop until end of string

    c)Replace word by (String/Variable) if(word contains ""/Variable)

    d)Stop if contains(number/variable/string)

    e)Loop from(Alphabet No/Letter No,Sentence No,Whitespace No,last Whitespace no(Variable or Number) before text,Whitespace (Variable or Number) after text.

    5)Data Extraction-a)Extract Pixel Colour(From x,From y)

    b)Extract First Text after a whitespace or white spaces

    Expression-Any Colour,Any Size,(For removing the need to manually specify all these properties in your project in case you want construct 3 to make an event run for any property without having to specify all the properties of your project manually,Cheers.

  • Well,@Ashley and Tom can you tell me weather these actions along with an editor and an expression can be added to Construct 3 and if not can you please tell me why so that i can improve my idea.

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  • Most of these are already possible.

  • Yes,However I have seen that most of problems posted in the "How do i do" sections of Construct 3's fourm are solved by Loops,Use of Booleans to control which code is triggered when.And the commands which I have posted above will make it significantly easier to solve those problems ourself without having to refer to the "How do i do" section of the Fourm.

    And I also believe that most if not some of the users which had posted those questions had problems with loops,RegEx and also in complex cases of using booleans.And working with these will be made significantly easier with some if not all of those commands which I have posted above.

    And Ashley,Can you please tell me about some of the problems with my idea so that I can improve it.

    Ashley I have also thought of this command for form objects which is-

    Set Image to(File Name),Cheers.

  • How do I use Regex?


  • Sorry newt but can you explain your post better.

  • No you?

    Um Regex does the loops for you.

  • Yes,As partial explanation the commands which I have given above will make it significantly easier to work with loops and other things and they can be used to easily create many useful things,Which can be easily thought like for example-A code run counter,A text converter,conditional code runner,A data extractor.

  • Please use the "Edit" function that already exists in the top bar of any of your posts. Instead of multi-posting in a row, do edit and group your ideas in a single post.

    It is not the first time that you post in our forums, asking for features which are basically already existing, or are just something you are supposed to do using the actual events system in place.

    Perhaps you should spend more time studying and applying what you can find in the manual ?

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