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  • Hi Ashley

    Thank you very much for the detailed answer, I appreciate you taking the time to do this.

    I understand the issues you've described, but can't help feeling that the 'cpu usage reading' is not much use, when it is so strongly affected by other factors.

    I was worried that a lot of the behaviours were really that cpu hungry, but was confused as my game still ran 60fps.

    Thanks again!

    It is really useful in a relative sense though. If you group everything up, you can see which events are relative CPU hogs and optimize those.

    One of the goals in mobile performance optimization is to keep the CPU clock speed low, reducing heating and improving battery life. By monitoring group CPU usage, I was able to significantly reduce device heating on mobile.

  • [quote:qgolp2ei]But why use a text object at all? You could use a variable or arrays to store the text that should be displayed. Your way seems like a very unlogical way of doing it. Sounds like you should just use spritefonts instead which is exactly what you need without the unnecessary events. It works just like the text object but a lot more optimized. Just set the text with one event and you're good to go.

    When I started using Construct that ( using text ) seemed the quickest way to do it. I'm sure there are other ways, but if it works why bother. I was already using it to display scores and debug stuff, so it was simple to just grab info from there instead of creating arrays and other stuff. Now that I have already done it, just copy paste into another game.

    No, sprite fonts may not work with this. Using effects like glow, bevel and whatever else on text in Photoshop just looks better.

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  • I know this an old post but I thought I would post some interesting results. I had an (On EVERY TICK) updating some text stats and in my game, the CPU usage was running between 19-25% consistently. I changed the updates to EVERY 0.5 SECONDS and the usage went down to 8-10% consistently. Just with that simple single change. Thanks for the info.

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