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  • If it's on a similar scope to Instant Games, I don't know if we can justify the time spent on this. Instant Games took a couple of months of dev time, requires constant maintenance, had a bunch of awkward platform-specific bugs, and is still does not cover the entire API surface available (e.g. Instant Games' own IAP system). We're a small team that this really sucks away time from other projects and will noticably slow down development of other features - and then there's always yet another platform after that people want us to support... and as much as we'd like to be a hit in the Chinese market, there's not much evidence that we have a lot of users there yet.

    Anyway I think it's a moot point because I found this:

    The running environment of the Mini Game is a JavaScript VM with some methods bound to it. Unlike the browser, this running environment does not have a BOM and DOM API, only the wx API.

    Uh oh. It's not a real browser engine. This will likely be a development disaster. From long experience working with all sorts of non-browser engines (Ejecta, Canvas+, directCanvas...) they are missing tons of features, not standards compliant, require all sorts of special cases and second paths throughout the engine obfuscating the codebase, and a minefield of nightmare bugs that don't reproduce anywhere else, and bug reports are usually met with a shrug by the developers who don't understand the significance of well-tested, standards-compliant software (and then users blame us for it not working). The situation was so bad that we deprecated all non-browser wrappers a whole 4 years ago.

    This is a huge shame since they could have just used a real browser engine, like Instant Games does, and it would immediately be about 4 times easier to implement. Modern browser engines work great - but I guess maybe the Chinese market has a lot of devices with older software (which will be another development problem in itself - hello mysterious GPU driver bugs on old devices not available in western markets...)

    You can go ahead and file a suggestion for this on our suggestion platform as usual, but I'm afraid to say, so long as it doesn't use a real browser engine, I think it's very unlikely we will work on this. Non-browser wrappers were deprecated a long time ago for very good reasons.

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  • Ok Ashley, I understand. Thanks for your time.

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