Will construct 3 have an official builtin plugin manager?

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  • helena I believe you have misunderstood. You won't be able to make addons using the event system. As I understand it, you will be able to create addons which can add additional functionality to the editor.

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  • I wonder about the "Editor plugins", is it that I can create plugins from the event sheets, and not having to know how to program javascript?

    It is quite nice idea, so can make plugins to streamline some processes. Like functjons but useable for other projects too.

    Hi Helena, I think you might be talking about Fusion 3, not Construct 3 *nudge nudge, wink wink*

    But yes, that would be a pretty cool option to have. Great for re-usability of functions between projects.

    I don't see this happening in C3, though - unless the C3 devs decide to borrow this idea.

  • helena I think Ashley answered at some point that it can happen in the future. Currently we don't know any more information, but it certainly would be a great feature. It's one of the functions I really liked in the Fusion 3 news.

  • No I wasn't confusing with Fusion 3. I just wanted clarification. Now I understand, adding functionality in editor as in adding things to GUI itself. Not to "code" plugins in events.

    (yes I know in Fusion 3 you can do plugins in their event sheets)


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