Color line visible between tiles (in Affinity Designer)

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  • Hi all,

    I draw gameboard tiles in Affinity Designer. For the lines I choose 0 for line width. Then I create 4 tiles, yellow, green, red an blue. All bright colors. The dimensions of those tiles are 48 by 48 pixels.

    When I duplicate the tiles and put them close near each other, there is always a line visible. I mean by close together the same color near each other. Even when I let them overlap, the line is visible. Sometimes the line disappear with a certain magnification. I also tried to set the line width at 0.3 with the same color as the fill but no change, the line appears.

    When I create a section of the gameboard, the 48 by 48 tiles look too small but that can be my impression. Any suggestion about the dimensions of those tiles for a 16 by 16 tiles board game?

    Also when I export as png, those dimensions are 49 by 49 instead of the 48 by 48. I intend to import as PNG into Construct.

    I first draw all the tiles before I import them in construct 3. I am creating a "Sorry!" game based on the original rules for our small daughter and myself. We like to play against each other and she mostly win. However, now there will also be an AI player present. Hope my programming skills in Construct will be enough to let the Construct AI player beat her. Prefer the original rules over the new ones.

    Can you tell me if I am doing something wrong or what causes the unwanted line?

    Thank you very much for your help which will be appreciated much. You will surely make my day!

    Have a nice day.


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  • Hi all,

    In response on my question, I found the solution of the problem on the Affinity forums.

    If you are using Affinity Designer, make sure "Force Pixel Alignment" is enabled, but make sure "Moving by whole pixels" is disabled. This will solve your problem.

    All credits has to go to Owenr, who helped me finding and fixing the problem.

    Wish you all a very nice day.


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