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  • where it goes all the happiness about c3? please tell me this is a big bad joke.

    when gms 2 announcement began, yoyo give some very fancy videos about image editors, interface, drag n drop, compatibility, tilemaps, when clickteam starts the campaing of fusion 3 they did something similar (not so fancy as yoyo but anyway) and continue to give infos every monday for some months now and you've got the feeling that both of these softwares will indeed evolving to something more powerfull than before and more user friendly.

    on the other hand scirra throw a site of construct 3 for a very long period they dont mention nothing about it only that they worked very hard on it and when the day came the news was the pricing model and then compatibility and portability. it feels the same as C2. marketing failure and an attempt to resell an old product again with some changes that so far are not that obvious except that it run on browser and mobile devices.

  • Scirra threw up a site to announce they're making it and why C2 won't be a 100% main focus so we knew it was coming. With C3 being the same runtime they could easily keep updating C2 with many features as they did (rather than working on 2 engines).

    Like GMS2 and Fusion 3, Scirra is going to be giving news for weeks until the beta, and then until the release later this year. They're doing the same thing the other companies did.

    Give them time to actually execute their marketing plan rather than say it failed when it literally just started.

  • C2C: Bespin

  • C2C: Bespin

    "These are not the compilers you are looking for... move along!"

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  • > C3 is C2 online..


    Not true. But if it would...

    C2 = $98.79 one time payment

    C2+WebBased = C3 = $99 per year + your stuff stops working if you stop paying.

    ~Oh boy! What a deal! <3

    awful deal to existing users.

    And you can buy a similar game engine that is one time payment instead

    Unless they reveal that construct3 is the shit and can hatch golden eggs and make pancakes, I really think you have to be the biggest fanboy sucker to justify the price for value that we are getting here

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