Can't load PNG files in animation editor anymore!

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  • Not sure what happened, but loading PNG stopped working for me. When I click "Load" icon or choose "Import frames from files", then select PNG images - nothing happens. JPG images work fine.

    This seems to affect Chrome only.

    I see this error in the console log:

    projectResources.js:1775 TypeError: Cannot read property 'sg' of undefined
     at new e.SHc (projectResources.js:2027)
     at Function.d.l (main.js:291)
     at Function.h.Wb.vfb (projectResources.js:1874)
     at k.RHc.a4 (projectResources.js:1775)


    SOLVED! "Enable experimental features" setting was causing this.

  • Yea...the image editor in construct 3 have so many bugs, i will use construct 2 for any bigger projects.

    One would think they would have a image editor working proper by now!

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  • It sounds like this was caused by enabling experimental features, which we specifically warn may cause crashes or bugs, because it means enabling features that are not ready yet. If you don't want to risk it, you can just leave that setting off, which is the default.

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