C3 suggestion: add instance variable in var list window

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  • In both C2 and C3, you open the instance variable list window and it, obviously, brings up the list of variables for that object. Adding a new variable opens yet another window. No big deal.

    But in the C3 list window, it's displayed in a kind of Excel-style grid. What if, instead of clicking to open a new window and filling out each field, you simply enter the new variable info directly into that list window - just make the bottom-most entry blank, ready to be filled in. Upon creating a new variable, a new blank entry field in that list is automatically made available in the "grid" list.

    One less window to pop up and, hopefully, more efficient.

    ALSO, it means you can clearly see - without the other window to obstruct it, at first (and yes, it's easy enough to move aside) - the whole list of existing variables. (Trust me, when you get a lot of variables as many of us do, it's easy to forget if we've created a needed variable for "this" or "that". Seeing the list readily at a glance makes it all that much easier...


    • make the notes info that describes what each variable is for also show up in the variable list and not just in the drop-down list in the event tab.
    • right-click in Properties window on an instance variable to bring up mini-window to be able to edit name or delete variable.

    What do you think, Scirra Bros?

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