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  • Hey All,

    I'm still kind of new to Construct 3 and I'm learning it as I work on my first game.

    Out of curiosity, I tried to run my game on Construct 3 Beta using the NEW C3 Runtime since it was announced.. but I get my game in small size (probably original 640x360) on the Top-Left while the rest of the screen is Black. (like my layout color).

    In Construct 3 (C2 Runtime) I used:

    On Start Layout >> Browser >> Request Fullscreen Centered

    And it runs my game smooth on full screen based on my Layout size which is 1280x720.

    I have no experience with how C3 Runtime screen resolution / view / browser works so I guess I need to change the way it works on Start Layout, but I'm not sure... that's why I'm here.

    I would like to know a solution for that so I can play around with the latest C3 Runtime,

    Thanks ahead! :)

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