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  • For me it doesn't matter if a tool is addressed to hobbyist or professional. Once it carries the job as I expect I simply use it.

    At the end of the day, I need to have the job done, that is all.

    I see a lot of ugly artwork created with Photoshop just claiming to be professional because they are using that bloated flagship. The right tool in the hands of someone knowing his/her business will do wonders, even the simplest tools used.

    I believe based on what I read in the Scirra blogs, that C3 will be succesful. When I compare it to the way other tools work, it is indeed revolutionairy. I only regret the many negative responses here on the forum even before we could try it out.

    I always wondered why hobbyist - professional status is so important. Don't you think a hobbyist can outclass a professional? Like I have said before, I do not care about any title, the way I work and their results will determine the quality of the work done, not any status.

    I gladly make use of the services of a so called "hobbyist" who helps me getting the work done succesfully. Again, your status doesn't interest me, your skills do!!!

  • When I compare it to the way other tools work, it is indeed revolutionary (sic)

    Can you elaborate on this? Currently the best, yes. Revolutionary, not so sure.

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  • I am glad to elaborate Zebbi.

    Do you know any other application you can work the way you do in Construct?

    Since november last year I have severe disabilities on my left hand, which make using it painfull and difficult. Nevertheless my right hand is fine.

    Because of the event and behaviours and how they are implemented I still an use Construct without any problem. Just by using a pressure sensitive drawing tablet, I can work as before, doing everything right handed. The same is true for Affinity Designer, I remain using it as before, except now I use a pen instead of the touchpad and keyboard on the laptop.

    I have read every blog Scirra created and I tell you, we will not see the last invention of Construct 3.

    Just like you, I do not find Google Chrome a very good choice because of privacy reasons and their NSA support. I would prefer it that we can also use C3 in FireFox, Edge, Opera and I believe in the future we will.

    Nevertheless, have to use Chrome will not keep me from making games with C3 for our small daughter. Also because of my disability, I am thinking of making games for others to play too. I like to teach or small one how to make them herself. She is very much away with Construct too.

    Like you said it yourself, on this moment and hopefully in the future, Construct is the best tool to use for 2D game creation.

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