C3 preview window spawns partly off-screen

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  • I've recently made the switch to C3. One thing I've found is the preview window always spawns above and to the right of the editor/browser window.

    This is driving me nuts as it's partially off-screen and I need to use a smaller browser window all the time in order to get the preview within my display fully.

    Can I control where the editor spawns it's window?

    I have the same issue across a desktop and a laptop so I know it's not computer specific yet can't find any other posts about it, which I'm surprised about.

    Using Chrome Version 73.0.3683.103 (64-bit) currently on my laptop.

  • I'm guessing this isn't affecting most people then!?

    I'm also running dual screens, I wonder if that's a factor...

  • I'm also running dual screens, I wonder if that's a factor...

    Right, I can isolate the conditions.

    I have a 1080p laptop screen set to 125% scaling and above it physically and logically a 2560p set to 100% scaling.

    The issue only happens;

    • The laptop (or other lower screen on my main computer) is set to scale x%, when it's 100%, the C3 preview window works normally (but my laptop screen text is then too small to be realistically usable).
    • C3 is on the upper (100% scaled) screen, but is the same no matter of the placement of the window e.g. fullscreen, full height docked window, free window - the C3 preview always launches above and to the right, half offscreen if the window is full height.
    • The C3 preview window is the only application, popup or new window that exhibits this behavior.
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  • I have a dual-screen setup and have never seen any such issue. C3 tries to open the window at the same position it last was, or defaults to the center of the screen.

  • Edited: Oh, Ashley's reply has just disappeared so most of this won't make sense now!

    Thanks for the reply Ashley, I appreciate it might be a niche issue. I can very easily reproduce it so if you want me to attach screenshots or anything just let me know.

    I wonder if it 'thinks' the middle of the screen is higher up than it really is because of the scaling of the lower screen then? How does it determine the 'center' of the screen, is it percentage based based on the whole of the extended desktop or does it measure in pixels?

    I've tried it with the App installed in Chrome too just now and it exhibits the same behavior.

    I think most people use dual screens side by side, I use my vertically both at work and at home (I'm not a dev, I'm a network engineer by trade) that may be a factor, though it feels more like it's related to scaling. I will arrange (logically) side-by-side and test.

    I have found the settings in the C3 menu and can use a new tab as a workaround but I'd prefer the popup window to work if possible. It wasn't an issue in C2.

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