C3 - Preview on iPhone

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  • Whoops! Ashley already answered what I was asking in another thread.

    That post refers to Remote Preview only, not the full C3 editor.

    Support for the browser APIs we need is pretty much entirely up to Apple, and they are notoriously secretive.

  • Oh wow! Does this mean that with IOS 11 we may be able to develop on our iPad? I apologize for my ignorance.

    No, that is Remote Preview only, but it's still useful for testing on iOS.

  • Just that's enough for me.

    I can not wait for the release of ios 11.

  • justifun looks like a slick little server. I was actually thinking about a similar idea the other day, really like the fact you can set up multiple port mappings through the same UI.

  • Nepeo


    Apologies in advance for derailing the thread (and for my soon-to-be-apparent lack of server knowledge), but I'm wondering what the benefit is of using a system like Fenix Web Server or the other services you've mentioned over BitBalloon, which I currently use for hosting my projects and so far have been very happy with? At some point I was planning to move over to a proper web hosting solution (probably Bluehost), once I've got my portfolio and website properly sorted out, but is there any advantage to using Fenix etc in the interim? If so, is the learning curve steep?

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  • mekonbekon - Fenix just runs off your own computer, so there's no cost, its like 1 or 2 clicks to deploy. There's lots of different options out there. We all have our favorites.

    I've used digitalocean's droplets in the past for deploying affordable servers online.


    its $5 a month for their lowers tier cloud computer .

    you get a dedicated server with 20GB drive space and 1TB of transfer and its super easy to scale up if you need to down the road.

  • Cheers for the feedback justifun, I'll check out digitalocean as well.

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