C3 Jam - [Concluded]

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  • How will the winners be decided? Is it simply the top 3 games you see when you click on Construct 3 Game Jam? It seems like those who submitted early last week have an advantage, as they were featured on the front page. I'm not complaining for my game...I see lots of good games that deserve to be in the top 3 that will not be able to move to the top 3 because of the advantage. Many good games seem like they will remain "Under Judgement" because they won't receive 200 votes. When I have a little time, I will go through and play everyone's game and give a rating, I hope that will help a little.

  • It would probably be a good idea to add a countdown timer to the editor, especially if they plan on doing "free weekend" like promos.

    In fact it might be nice to have an hours counter for people that work by the hour.

    Maybe even one for the sub.

    You have 8760 more hours left. Have a nice day.

  • Hi. This is the game I've made in the last 8 days for the C3 gamejam:


    That is the cutest thing I've ever seen. The brothers theme is awesome. I found myself playing this for a long time. Very well designed and enjoyable game play.

  • No wonder, when I logged in yesterday to make few last min changes, it wasnt working and I thought the jam had ended. Time to make a few 'updates'.

    Please check out the game here and give me your feedback:

  • Thank you AmpedRobot . I am glad you like it.

  • Taking advantage of the extra day, I added some little things, rain, clouds, thunder, day / night ...

    To give him a little more life.

    I leave some images of sample, already updated in http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/694030

  • Oh yeah! Thanks organizers for getting us through the time limit hassle!

    There was nothing better than the feeling of having your game uploaded to Newgrounds and being able to just start playing and commenting the other games! Perfect thing to do on summer holiday! And best time really in the jam, that work is done & finished and cool things like talking/posting about the games and playing are the only things left to do!

    I liked a lot the adventure of the cubic brothers that was posted in this thread. Hopefully I will find many more funny & enjoyable games produced during the jam I can play & give comments to !

  • My Construct 3 is yet with the Jam license. So I can't submit my games to Jam?

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  • Congratulations everyone!

    It was my first Jam, and wow...

    So rock'n roll!

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