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  • > Every time I try to copy something I get the warning message, it's a bit annoying but bearable. I get why it's there, but is it possible to add a setting so you can turn it off, and only use the internal copy and paste without warnings?


    I guess this would avoid those warnings, so I've added a new setting in r21 to use in-app clipboard only (i.e. "use fake clipboard").

    [quote:30ikye9g]When you use Paste... is it possible to paste directly where you clicked, or at mouse pointer... instead of having to click a second time...

    This makes sense, no need to show the crosshair when it can just use the clicked position. Changed for r21.

    As for the text format: AFAIK browsers can only copy text, not other formats. It could in fact be useful - for example I can select that text and copy-paste it directly in to C3 and see your sprite.

    Good news!

    Ahhh, that's pretty neat if it works like that.... I just tested it out.

    You don't even get warnings that that this object doesn't exist in the project. it creates a new sprite object as well if it doesn't exist.

    Same was not the case for events. There you get a warning as usual that the referenced objects doesn't exist. Maybe that would be a nice feature for a future update to have a dialogue to create the missing object and variables if not exist. Maybe even have the referenced objects also be loaded in the copy, but only paste if they don't exist?

    I can find many nice uses for this kind of functionality. One thing that comes to mind directly is when helping out other people on the forum. Instead of sharing a c3p file, (it's a bit of a hassle, saving the c3p file on an service like dropbox, sharing the link. Then they have to download the c3p file,open the project) Instead you can share a code snippet, that they can just paste in their project. Maybe very useful for solutions to smaller problems.

    It could also be very useful if you want to build up your own library of useful events/functions and code that you are likely to reuse. Instead of having several different c3p files, to copy and paste between, You can save your useful code snippets in a text file, online document, or whatever, for later reuse, and paste into your project when needed. Very neat and handy.

    Why not have a built in snippet library, that you can just pick from? Kind of like the plugin dialogue, but with events/objects that you save.

    Click one of your saved favorite snippets and it just pastes it into your project. I did some awesome touch controls in another project, that I want to reuse. Highlight those events. Right click... "Save snippet to your library" as.... "touchControls"... for easy access in other projects.

    Anyway. Nice work.

  • Ashley and Tom Good job with the last couple of updates. The new clipboard setting is pure GOLD! No more annoying copy messages when trying to copy stuff and paste stuff

    I think this one could even be enabled by default on web version, (since chrome and most other browsers don't really allow copy to clipboard) but disabled on the upcoming desktop standalone version, it's that good really!

    I don't know if it was forgot or left in by purpose, but crosshair on "Ctrl+V" I don't really think is needed either? or if it's left in by purpose... maybe a 50% opacity representation of the things you're about to paste instead of the crosshair, so you more easily see that you have something to drop.

    Anyway keep it up. I will report more usability stuff if I find any.

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  • I want to know if there will be any plugin or behavior that allows the use of clipboard in construct 3

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