C2, C3 runtime stress test

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  • Yeah, I understand that, but benchmarks/tests like these, they are not indicators of what the real performance will be like. Some tests will run faster, some slower, you never really know until you try a real game.

    Anyway, I hope everything is twice as fast without any janking and all that.

  • We're keen to make sure the C3 runtime doesn't significantly regress performance in any areas compared to the C2 runtime. So these kinds of tests are valuable to make sure even in unusual edge cases, the C3 runtime can perform as well as the C2 runtime did.

  • I'm use for my current project everworld (https://massive-cube.com/) the construct 2 runtime. Why? When I change the project to the construct 3 runtime, the fps on android drops from 60 fps to 45 fps. I don't know why?! In the Layout are not many or big objects.

    Unfortunately I can not upload (public) the complete sourcecode with all graphics from the project to check. Thats my problem...

    Can I upload this only for scirra to check?

  • I think that some users misunderstand what the performance improvements are, and so display misguided doubt or skepticism about the new runtime but from my understanding you shouldn't expect that much better performance from behaivors, and that the major performance improvements are from events because they have much less overhead than before

  • This is especially important for mobile devices because having events that execute with greater efficiency and less overhead means that the CPU and GPU can spend time idle between the frames and no one wants to play a mobile game that uses 100% or nearly 100% of their CPU/GPU and drain all of their battery because we need our mobile devices in our everyday lives and we need their battery to last a full day, showing benchmarks with thousands of objects is a measure of how more efficient it is compared to the old one but trying to draw as many objects as we can with 30 FPS isn't really what they'Re trying to do here, it'S a measure, and completely disregarding those benchmarks and claiming to stick to Construct2 is completely missing the point.

    What you can do instead is use Construct 3 and when you encounter a performance issue, report it so it can be fixed by the wonderful and talented staff with almost zero effort from you but a few minutes to a few hours trying to determine what exactly the issue is in a minimalistic project and writing the bug report so that you can keep working for hundreds or thousands of hours on what will be a better experience for your player, smoother gameplay and lower energy/battery consumption.


  • q3olegka

    C2runtime mode in construct vs c3runtime mode

  • Ashley

    My biggest problem is, i can't isolate the bug in my project AND replace all graphics for a bug-example-file! Its a lot of work only for a bug-example-file (It takes a lot of time). The best way whould be, i can upload a file only for scirra, not for the public!

  • You can send your project to ashleymdd@scirra.com if you like and I'll take a look.

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  • Ashley, thank you. I has send you an email :)

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