Best method to play external sounds

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  • Ayy,

    In C2, my project could play sounds by using the audio plugin "play by name" and putting a folder path (for example if we had a jump sound called "jump.ogg", you could use "play by name" and type: "C:/Game/jump" and it would successfully play).

    In C3, understandably it is different as remote preview works differently to the local preview in C2, but how would be best to play audio without having to import all sounds into C3?

    There's hundreds of sounds and music, which is why I want to do it this way rather than importing it all into my project and dramatically slowing down save and load times on the project.

    I wouldn't mind using a Web server even for now, but I tried this along with an "audio url" addon, but I wasn't able to figure this out, nor do I want to use addons really.

    Any guidance? Much appreciated!

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  • Playing from a URL/path has never actually been supported. (If it ever worked in C2, it was entirely by accident and wasn't specifically coded in, and could have had problems like memory leaks since it wasn't tested.)

    Why not just import all the audio to your project? You cite slow project saving times, but that should not be a problem with a folder-based project, since that only saves changed files.

  • Oh I see!

    I'll give that a shot and save my project in that way. Thank you!

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