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  • When we convert game into APK, we can use it and on official Android studio, Contruct convert all actions in official APK code right ? Ok we have internal template c3p as working in Construct, but we can export and like APK, and this file can be managed and changed more in official Android studio ?

    For example, i have some request to make some simple app, it can be done with Contruct, but client ask source code APK, I can made it in Construct, export as APK and send to him, he not need Construct for change he can manage and posible change the code in official Android studio ? thanks :)

  • There is an option to export as Android Studio project you can use this.

  • Thanks , but when someone want "native android app" , what it means, he want to make app or game in android studio exatcly ? And when I delivery to him app from Construct, can he notice it, Construct generate code same like Android studio or have some difference ?

  • If they are specifically asking for a native app (compiled into machine code), then no, Construct will not give them what they want. Construct apps use JavaScript, for mobile they are put in a wrapper like Cordova, which gives it access to some native functions on phones, but it will not be a native app.

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  • To further clarify, Construct produces what would be called a hybrid app.

  • Thanks simstratic, and about update in android studio, it means Construct generate javascript, and you can open file from Construct ( choice option for android studio), can you further work and develop same file in android studio, develop game or app from Construct and finish to android studio ?

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